LaWanda “The Fitness Diva” Brokenborough is a group fitness & dance instructor, choreographer, marathoner, speaker, and trainer. She is the owner & founder of Kangoo Club Atlanta- Georgia's authorized dealer of Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes and provider of Kangoo Jumps fitness classes. She is also the owner and founder of Aerobics Delivered- a full service mobile fitness and dance company.. With over 14 years of teaching group fitness full time, she demands the most from her clients and gives them just as much in return to help them reach their weight loss and fitness goals.

As a former couch potato and over eater, LaWanda knows all too well about the struggles of weight loss. She has weighed as much as 216 pounds. She switched gears in the middle of the road of her life and jumped head first into fitness. By exercise and healthier eating, she managed to drop the unwanted pounds ( 65 lbs down and counting!) and change her life. She encourages all of her class participants by letting them know that no matter how far from their goal they may be, it can be reached and not only that, she leads them to success. 

LaWanda holds over 10 group fitness certifications. She is the first person in Georgia to teach Kangoo Power classes. She has received the 2010 People You Need to Know Magazine Fitness Diva Superstar Award. In addition, she was selected by ZUMBA Fitness to be a presenter at the Curves Fitness for Women Convention in Atlanta and selected twice to lead the Zumba halftime performance at the Atlanta Hawks game. She has been featured on Fox 5's Good Day Atlanta and the TI & Tiny Family Hustle reality show. Ms. Brokenborough also lectures throughout the year.

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